Corpus Cristi Rhino Line-X Alternative Coating Specialists 


Utilizing the product excellence of Spray-Lining & Coatings Corpus Christi Rhino / Line-X Alternatives of Corpus Christi, Texas performs custom installation of polyurea. Using SL&C of Corpus Christi, your truck bed liners are sprayed thicker, tougher, than any brand of polyurethane / polyurea. High-end pumps mix plural component, 100% solid non-toxic, 100% Green™ formula that’ll withstand all harsh elements including temperatures from -82ºF to 247ºF.

George can show you on actual jobs that SLC outperforms any and all brands as Line-X, Camo & Rhino Linings. He has over 18 years of auto/truck spraying experience. Test it yourself with a sledge hammer! SL&C products will not tear, rip or delaminate, backed by the one “documented” Lifetime Transferrable Warrantee:

Spray Lining and Coatings of Corpus Christi provide liners which mold to tiny contours in your truck, trailer, jeep, marine and unique parts. No space from accessories, toolboxes, 5th wheel hitches, tonneau covers, etc is wasted. All sprayed-in bedliner products at SL&C of Corpus Christi are manufactured by Spray-Lining & Coatings to our specifications. It permanently bonds to your truck, the bed, rocker panels, body, etc, sealing air, moisture and vibration out. Don’t install less than the best quality for you investment. Call us 1-855-707-1503. All our Lining & Coating Services and options are always available. WANT PERSONAL SERVICE? Call us today or email directly at .


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