Estimate Surface Area For Oval Shaped Ponds & Pools

Use our Spray Lining and Coatings Area Calculators to quickly determine the proper coverage for your koi pond or pool. This tool will help determine coverage needs for oval  shaped pond or pool.

Simply enter the total measurement for length and width (A and B), the minimum depth, and the maximum depth.

NOTE: The formula used for this estimation is reasonably accurate for all oval shaped ponds or pools, but requires proper entries. * The longest measurement MUST be entered as Length (A) and shorter measurement as Width (B) *

Average Depth: (Feet)

Lower Surface Area: (Sq Ft)

Wall Surface Area: (Sq Ft)

Total Pond or Pool Surface: (Sq Ft)


  • Calculating the circumference of an oval shaped object accurately requires a more complex formula than used here. The measurements provided are relatively accurate, but adding 5% to 10% square footage is always advised to ensure proper coverage.
  • Remember to always enter the longer measurement in Length A, or the formula being used will not work properly.


Estimate Surface Area For Oval Shaped Ponds & Pools — 2 Comments

    • Greg,
      While there is no formula to provide an exact surface area calculator, the oval calculator is reasonably accurate for your needs. This calculator will probably return a slightly higher value than you actually need to cover, but with the normal waste expectancy of 10%, should provide a reliable result.
      You can also call SL&C directly to get more information at 1-855-545-4900.

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