Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coatings to Protect Your Investment

Spray-Lining Coating Solutions specializes in products for jobs that require resistance to corrosive, impact, and abrasion. The strong coating solution will protect your property from mother nature and the elements. Our product offerings also include storing solutions for petroleum and chemical products.

You can choose from various solutions to help your customers extend service life and protect assets as a crew member or manager.

  • Protect Equipment at Industrial Plants
  • Provide Safe, non-slip flooring
  • Repair or restore a pond with new applications
  • Decorative or functional water feature lining for commercial applications
  • Cement Mixer Coatings
  • Pipe Linings/ water-park applications
  • Irrigation
  • Adhesive for plywood with high impact resistance
  • Roof Shingle Coating
  • Covering and sealing lead and asbestos

Equipment ideal for our coatings:

Spray-Lining Coating Solutions can be applied on any type, shape, or new/old equipment. Our materials increases the longevity of the toughest machines out there including:

• Loaders
• Forklifts
• Backhoes
• Tractor Equipment
• Digging Equipment
• Dozers


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  1. This testimonial is for Corpus Christi Bedliners or His Guy’s name is Gil Holland, an application guy who worked at Line-X of Corpus Chrisi. I know Gil left to work at this Rhino Line-X Alternative shop. Gil is n automotive engineer on the side but is the best application guy in SW Texas area. These guys at CCB get all truck bed lining jobs from Corpus Christi Frieghtliner …

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