Seal Tite Pond Coating Review

Seal-Tite Pond Coating
This is a product that has been developed by taking the best aspects of the best products and combining them into one product that yields superior performance. Polyurea is very expensive (15.00 / sqft applied) and most coatings for waterproofing … Continue reading

RubberizeIt! Coating Review

The name gives it away. It’s rubber. It’s also a water based 100% solids no VOC protective coating. This product seems to show a lot of promise based on the information that’s found on the website and in some forums … Continue reading

CIM 1000 Pond Coating Review

CIM1000 Review CIM 1000 is a two-component high performance coating and lining that forms a seamless, tough elastomeric membrane. The product CIM1061 is a bit more expensive and was suggested directly from the distributor for use in a koi pond … Continue reading

Hecht Rubber – Herco Pond Coating Review

Herco Pond Coating is designed to be applied with brush or roller. It is a liquid neoprene rubber, so you would think it should be applied fairly thick. The recommended coating is supposed to be about 30 mils (Hecht claims … Continue reading

Review of Pond Armor Pond Coating

Pond Shield
Pond Armor Review Pond Armor Pond Shield is a popular product. If you search for “koi pond” or “cement pond coatings” through your web browser, you’ll see that Pond Armor is in many results. The manufacturer has targeted this niche … Continue reading

Waterproof Cement Pond Coating Comparison

Compare the most important features of the popular waterproof pond coatings on the market. This is helpful to make a clear decision on which product to purchase. Don’t forget to read the objective reviews of these products following this cross … Continue reading