Exposing Spray Coating Scams

Exposing issues with the Spray Bedliner Industry

I am Bill Dalburo, a marketing director at Spray-Lining, the manufacturer & main vendor to many spray-on lining dealerships; several of which were or still are considered Rhino Linings Dealers, a few are known as Line-X also with more jumping ship from other vendors such as Scorpion Coatings, Speedliner & Ultimate Linings. There are many more spray-on lining brand names albeit less known that find Spray-Lining a better deal. In any case we do find minimal faults with competing vendors. They usually distribute quality formulas with complaints emanating from small to midsize buyers requiring better support & lower-cost solutions.

Action Items as a Spray Coatings Industry Representative

This is our focus as a reputable chemical coatings company:
  1. Supplying established spray-on bedliner dealers with lower cost, higher quality alternative linings
  2. Starting Up new dealers with better equipment, better marketing, better lining at costs to beat their competition
  3. Providing professional paint and coatings crews with high quality DIY solutions unavailable elsewhere. Contractor solutions include but are not limited to spray on bed liners, crystal clear spray on paint protection film and true professional-grade materials
  4. For handy semi-experienced applicators, Spray-Lining Dealers also sell simple DIY kits for truck beds, large floors, storm damage prevention, storm damage restoration and anti-stick solutions like on shoots, hoppers, dumps and slides.

Motivation for Addressing Industry Scams

As key marketing support person for our 6 North American Distributors, I am highly sensitive to the reputation of Spray-Lining; the company as well as the spray lining industry in general. I have witnessed some spray-lining scams, met with victims and got their money back. Our 6 team members are dedicated to satisfying all aspects of business. Customer service, Technical Support, Logistics and Order Fulfillment are our key points of concern. These Quality Controls leads to powerful marketing, sales and ROI for every Spray-Lining Dealer. Meet the team

Spray Coating Scams We Have Found

It's aggravating nad frustrating....  We can helpVictims of a spray lining scam include the following actual events:
  1. Consumers who thought they’d paid for a certified Spray-Lining application but got a FAKE: a non-certified applicator(s) using an unknown product. This spray-lining scam confuses a spray lining or spray-on lining with us, Spray-Lining the manufacturer. Check out the true spray-lining bedliner.
  2. Aquashield Cowboys – A spray lining scam exposed that targeted quoting out a high quality roof coating job to repair old dilapidated roofs and make them good as new.Read the full story
  3. Advanced Coating Enterprises (A.C.E) – This company has been fraudlently scamming people for many years. They have changed their names from the following companies: ACE Security Laminates, ACE Corp. and World ACE . They have been in the news numerous times for unethical business pratices and fraud. Their primary scam is selling Dealerships to people that think they have a legitmate manufactured window film. What really happens is they repackage someone else’s product. They are in millions of dollars of debt. Peter Fabian has tried unsuccessfully to go bankrupt for over $5.7 million dollars. Read full details on this Spray-lining Scam
  4. Westcoat Specialty Coating Systems, Life Deck Installation Company is owned by the same person. They manufacturer/sell/install a deck coating called ALX that they advertise as being fire resistant and meeting the requirements of ICC-ES to get a fire rating. Read more

Validating your Spray Lining and Coating Dealer

Not one of our dealers ever had an unresolved complaint; NEVER! Use these ways to verify if your dealer is legitimate:
  1. Confirm the S-L certification # only on Spray-Lining.com
  2. Confirm job references of satisfied clients, visit them to see the job itself
  3. Check to see they’re using professional equipment made from Graco, GlasCraft or Spray-Lining,
  4. If your Spray-Lining Dealer uses another name brand that’s OK as long as you can see your job gets authentic Spray-Lining Formula with documented Warranty & Transfer forms with dealer’s certification # on it, such as at Spray-lining Warranty
  5. You may contact me, Bill Dalburo at 1-972-232-2392 or email BillD@spray-lining.com If you were victimized by some spray-on lining scam. I can guide you on how to get your money back & apprehend the criminal.

Updates to Complaints and Scams

We are documenting cases of spray-lining complaints spanning the polyurea and polyurea hybrid coatings market. As you see with Rhino Lining, Line-X and scorpion there are dealers and installers that just give companies a bad name. Whether it is improper installation procedures, lack of care, lack of knowledge or all of the above, sometimes a dealer gives a reputable company a bad name. At Spray-Lining we focus on quality assurance and certification to ensure that our team does the right job all the time. This is critical for our success as well as the level of customer satisfaction that we demand from our clients.