Spray-Lining Polyurea and Hybrids

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Get the right material for your equipment. If you own a high pressure or low pressure proportioning system, we will provide the coatings that meet the mix requirements that you need. Whether you are using plural component, electric, high pressure, low pressure or variable ratio systems like the Graco HVP system we have the material to meet your job requirement.

Pure polyurea


Popular Polyurea hardware: Graco Reactor 2, Graco Reactor XP2, Graco E-10 HP (foam), Armorthane Highline 4011 and 2511, GlasCraft Guardian A6
Most bed liners are NOT Pure Polyurea. Pure Polyurea bed liners are more prone to cracking because they are extremely hard products. Pure polyurea is used for containment, waste water, and other industrial uses.

This material is a replacement for:
  • Line-X Platinum, BodyArmour
  • Rhino Lining Xtreme
  • Armorthane ArmorBlast, UltraBlast
View MSDS : Pure Poly – A MSDS | Pure Poly – B MSDS

Our Polyurea Hybrids

Hard Polyurea Hybrid – SLPH-20

Popular hardware: Graco Reactor E-XP1/XP2, E-XP1, E-XP2 (prior models), Armorthane Highline 2211, 2011, Glascraft Guardian A5/6, MH/X Systems. SLPH-20 is the perfect coating for Rhino, Line-X and Armorthane hard polyurea hybrids. For truck bed liner and other protective coatings on autos, this is a very popular material. Tough, abrasion resistant, sets fast and decreases return to service time. This system requires a colored aliphatic top coat as tint to provide UV stability.
This material is a replacement for:
  • Line-X Standard and Premium
  • Rhino Lining HardLine
  • Armorthane HardCoat

Soft Polyurea Hybrid – SLPH-30

Ideal for applying where slip-proofing is important. This material is used on boats, decks and shop areas that are exposed to oils and residues that cause slippery surfaces.
This material is a replacement for:
  • Line-X – XS-130
  • Rhino Hybrid
  • Armorthane – Suregrip

Semi-Soft Polyurethane Hybrid – SLPH-50

Our SLPH-50 coating also exhibits excellent anti-slip properties. It is recommended for skid resistant truck beds, stairways, decks and sound deadening applications.
This material is a replacement for:
  • Rhino Lining TuffGrip
  • Reflex RX700 and Gardit 823
  • Armorthane Highline 310, 410

Variable Texture Polyhybrid SLPV-100

This is our flagship of products. We have combined the best of ALL worlds with this high build poly hybrid material. No VOCs and NO Isocyanates. Use SLPV-100 anywhere safely; NO BOOTH OR MASK legally required. Available in crystal clear, any custom color, soft to hard, smooth to course it provides flexibility to complete numerous types of jobs with one main formula. For professional applicators its easier and more profitable for dealers.

This material is a replacement for:
  • Line-X Premium, Standard, Xtra
  • Rhino TuffGrip
  • Armorthane SureGrip, 310, 410
  • Reflex and Gardit
  • Vortex
  • Scorpion Coatings
  • Speedliner

View MSDS : SLPV-100 VOC Free MSDS VOC Free Side A | VOC Free Side B

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