The SL1000 Family

Product Specifications Our poly hybrid coating is advanced yet simple to use. It replicates the behaviors of Hardline, Tuffgrip, Al’s Liner, Scorpion Coatings and Line-X XP series bedliner.
  • Variable Texture
  • Slip Resistence
  • High impact resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Great chemical resistance
  • Noise Dampening
  • Full color range available with UV top coat

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Our poly hybrid spray on bed liner broke the over-imposing franchise trend started by Line-X. Rhino Linings and followers use standard polyurea hybrids that are all available here at lower pricing with NO MINIMUMS. Others as Vortex, Reflex by Langeman, Speedliner and Scorpion Coatings also require minimums or cost much more per gallon. So, spray your liner through your equipment, ours, Graco, GlasCraft or any hopper system at lowest pricing with Spray-Lining.

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Spray-Lining Products

Poly Hybrid for Variable Finishes

The most popular product by volume. This poly hybrid system allows you to create variable textures and finishes with one system that really has NO VOC’s or Isocayanates. Unlike the other companies this material is truly safe to spray in open areas and has no EPA restrictions for application.
  • Superior Tensile strength and adhesion
  • Variable Textures for a broad range of applications
  • U/V stable and support perfect color matching
  • High build allows for fast spray time
  • No VOC’s or Isocyanates
We offer more product for your buck making this an ideal solution for the potential or existing dealer looking to maximize profit and reduce initial start up cost. Contact a Spray-Lining Consultant 1-855-545-4900 View our Warranty Comparison

Our Other Products

100% Polyurea

Our 100% pure polyurea solution is for those requiring fast dry time and a hard non-flexible surface. This is a highly impact and abrasion resistant formula.
  • Fast set materials – Dries to the touch within seconds can be walked upon within a minute
  • Superior resistance to most chemicals, acids, and solvents
  • High build in one application without runs or drips – even on vertical surfaces & overhangs
  • Full performance at extreme temperature ranges (-50º -300ºF)

70 – 90 % Polyurethane – Polyurea Hybrid

Polyurea hybrids are combination of polyurethane and polyureas, taking the flexibility and abrasion resistance attributes of polyurethanes and combining it with polyurea’s natural resistance to water and humidity so it can be applied in any condition. Here are some of the benefits of a polyurea hybrid system:
  • Resistance to thermal shock
  • Flexible enough to create a surface between cracks
  • Waterproof and resilient
  • High profile achieved in one application
  • Excellent Bond Strengths to Properly Prepared Substrates
  • Broad chemical resistance

Aromatic Polyurethane

For Floor Applications An aromatic polyurethane system that is impervious to most chemical attack and bacteria penetration. The system is designed for sound substrates including concrete, plywood, particle board, steel decks and other areas as an interior system. This material provides superior scratch resistance and is perfect for high traffic areas. This is a two component thermoset, heavy bodied, fluid applied, water soluble, solvent free, odor free, epoxy. Advantages
  • Seamless,non-porous
  • Impervious to bacteria penetration
  • Graffiti proof – ease of maintenance
  • Water resistant
  • Not recommended in areas that are in prolonged direct sunlight
  • Not recommended for any outside use
  • Not for application in areas with poor ventilation

Aliphatic Polyurethane

This is a high quality polyurethane for superior color stability. Polyurethane coatings based on aliphatic polyisocyanates have a dense chemical network that provides an exceptional chemical resistance. In addition, this bedliner material provides the similar protective qualities to our primary Spray-Lining ™ product.

100% Solids Polyurethane

Our environmentally friendly bedliner materials are made from 100% solids giving you the protection from harmful VOCs and Isocayanates. Our mixture exhibits superior performance in tensile, flexibility and elongation.
  • Resists tearing
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Superior Tensile strength and adhesion
  • Chemical resistant
  • No VOC’s or Isocyanates

100% Solids Urethane

Our 100% Solids Epoxies are used as a protective coating to extend the life of virtually any product, piece of equipment, surface, or device. These 100% solid epoxy coatings and urethane coatings are used to:
  • Industrial floor coating
  • Repair concrete
  • Mortar and grout
  • Re-cover manholes
  • Repair pipelines

Acrylic Urethane

Our acrylic urethane solution provides a long-term rubbery color retaining bedliner or coating that outlasts others. It is not our premium bed liner material but has benefits of being inexpensive and very easy to apply. However, this material is less forgiving because of it’s rapid dry time. Features
  • Sprayed through HVLP equipment
  • Excellent color retaining properties
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Fast dry time (< 10 minutes)
  • More light resistant the many polyurethanes
  • Best used as a high gloss finish on coating applications

100% solids epoxies

100% solids is the industry standard for high-end commercial epoxy flooring. We provide a two component 100% solids epoxy broadcast coat that can be filled with decorative chips and colored sand mixtures to provide an infinite array of color schemes or patterns. Features
  • Solids by weight: 100%
  • Solids by volume: 100%
  • VOC’s: None
  • Color: Clear
  • Coverage per gallon: 90-100 square feet per gallon @ 16-18 mils
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