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Example of our spray bedliner.  Cheaper than RhinoLining, Line-X and Scorpion but better.

Spray Bedliner Material for a truck bed

Spray bedliners are comprised of a few different materials and many different combinations of these materials. They are: Polyurea [expensive], polyurea/polyurethane hybrids, poly hybrids and polyurethane. These different materials produce hard stiff, hard flexible, soft and soft rubbery coating textures. Polyureas are unable to provide an aggressive texture due to the kick time. Polyurethane is more forgiving allowing an applicator to produce a variety of finsishes.
Polyureas are more dangerous to health and environment. They have isocyanates and VOC’s so they must be sprayed in a controlled environment and the applicator must wear a protective suit with respirator. Polyurea/polyurethane hybrids modify the level of harmful chemicals by adding polyurethane to polyurea making it sprayable in open areas in more states and less of a risk to the applicator.

Detailed Explanation of Polyurethanes and Polyureas

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Why Spray-Lining is the Best Spray Bedliner

spray-bedliner-black Spray-Lining has done a great deal of research and testing in the years after the original spray bedliner models were developed. We have developed materials and processes that allow us to compete directly with Rhino Lining, Line-X, Scorpion Coatings, Speedliner and others in price, quality and support.
We are also dedicated to trying to bring clarity to the bedliner industry. There are many falsities and lies in the industry that causes consumers to make poor choices and costly mistakes. We are dedicated to providing superior support and information that no one else can or will provide.

Bedliner Dealers

Why go with Rhino Linings or Line-X? Using a big brand name to build your business has benefits and downfalls. Immediately, there is cost of ownership compared to non-franchise businesses. Than there is recurring costs and the need for increased volume to support added costs. This leads to a requirement for more workspace, tools, employees, etc. Typically you need to have a certain amount of success in your life already to even think about going into an expensive dealer opportunity like Rhino Lining or Line-X. However, if you have the funds to do it, you are probably careful with how you spend your money…… That being said, why on earth would you just shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a name and a product if there is another alternative out there that offers the ability to profit more on each job and adheres to strict quality guidelines? Not only that, but what if the vendor provided you with better applicator technical support as well as an opportunity to make better margins on larger jobs? I would think you would agree that this would be something worth looking at. In our broad reaching efforts we have come to believe that the brand marketing for different bedliners has been one major reason why bedliner dealerships fail.

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