Benefits of Spray Cartridges

They are definitely clean compared to using plural equipment….But, there are a lot of downfalls to polyurea spray cartridges for Bedliner.

Top 5 Problems with Polyurea Cartridges

  1. Expensive material compared to pure polyurea prices.. The prices of the average cartridge system are significantly more than just buying the raw material.
  2. Unfriendly spray Apparatus – The spray guns have all the material loaded in the front where you have to balance the gun, making it easy to mess up.
  3. Discounts — NOT Available. We called for pricing and found that the best you can get is with 20 boxes a 20% discount.. There don’t seem to be any discounts after that.
  4. Colors – You can’t mix colors with these premixed systems which is ok if you are looking to only spray black. We get many requests for color options and there’s no way this would work for us. In some cases you can get about 8 standard colors, but that’s not enough for guys who love their truck and want true color matching.
  5. Cartridges average cost is between $45 – $65 each. This spray in bedliner solution ends up being one of the highest cost bedliner. It requires about 3 cartridges to make one gallon. That’s more than $150 in disposable equipment per gallon!!
RhinoPro Cartridge Bed Liner Review

Solutions to Cartridge Spray Guns

Typically the Cartridge is seen as a solution to traditional plural spray systems for polyurea and polyurethane hybrid coatings. However, in this post we are going the other way. Why? To keep the reader informed on all technologies. In the polyurea and polyurethane hybrid coating markets, there are a lot of options when it comes to materials and equipment for bedliners, floors and other projects.

Spray-Lining Product Detail


Superior performance to hybrids and polyurethane in general. The main reaction is isocyantates and an amine which yields a super strong industrial strength material. However, the application of these materials is highly regulated in it’s pure form and in many cases across the US, is not allowed. Poly Basics

Polyurea Hybrid

Poylurea hybrids have less polyurea (isos) but still exhibit superior tensile strength and impact resistance making them very suitable replacements for pure polyureas.

Polyurethane Bedliner

Pure polyurethane bedliners are not popularized that much these days. You usually hear about pure polyurea (which is typically not true) and polyurea hybrids (70-30 polyurea/polyurethane blends). The large franchises are marketing their products as superior to everyone else’s. The reality is that out of the top 3-5 brands, they all have positive aspects that make them better than the other in some way or the other.

Other Applications for Polyurea and Polyurea Hybrids

Koi Pond Lining and Coatings Floor Coatings for Garages and Workshops

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Spray Cartridges

  1. Got my truck back from Spray-Lining yesterday. The work looks great,the staff were nice. A one day job turned into 2 hours due to fast service. Actually shop manager Ken was up-front and honest, and made the necessary arrangements for curb-side delivery, as I was unavailable to pick the truck up so fast.

  2. I covered up my less than impressive spray on bed liner with a new kind of bed liner. The Spray-Liner totally covered the awful looking spray on. I just wish that I would have went with the Spray-Liner in the first place.

  3. APPARENTLY: You now sell Cartridges system cheaper than Rhino Pro or Marvel or Armadillo or Qwik Liner. Same deals on your STORE.SPRAYLININGANDCOATINGS.COM as on this website. But your deals on eBay & Amazon are pricier.QUESTIONS: Is SLC negotiable on polyurea packages? with equipment? Why is SLC polyurea under DIY via hoppers or pressure pot cheaper than cartridge deals? Are your LP or HP Graco equipment (plural component proportioners) negotiable or available under loaner equipment or rentals?

    • Thanks Vincent, Cartridge system via SL&C is simply the same quality as Rhino Pro or Qwik Liner for over 32% less money. Polyurea spray equipment was always negotiable as order size verses pricing was. Basic containers of polyurea, for bedliner, ponds or other jobs was / is always less $ than in cartridges, just search: “Compare the Top 18 DIY Spray on Truck Bedliner Kits of 2018” to clarify facts.

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