VOCs – What and Why

VOCs are carbon based molecules that create ground level ozone (tropospheric ozone) when exposed to sunlight The US Government (and world govs) have decided to regulate these materials due to long term side effects of overuse. VOCs are heavily used … Continue reading

DIY Garage Floor Kits

Don’t take the easy way out You have to do a topcoat if you are using color chips on your garage floor kit. Any company that sells garage floor kits without advising to use a clear top coat is taking … Continue reading

What is MDI – Is it Safe?

What is MDI? MDI is the acronym representing methyl diphenyl diisocyantate. There are three main versions of this compound: 2,2′-MDI 2,4′-MDI 4,4′-MDI The 4,4′ isomer is most widely used. Who makes MDI Bayer followed closely by Yantai Wanhua. Other major … Continue reading

Autobody and Contractor Franchise Startups

Top Franchises for Contractors and Auto Body Shop Owners I have selected a few franchises listed under “Best Automotive Franchises” that range between 5,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars in startup cost. Out of the gate, this is misleading because most … Continue reading