Truck Bedliner Thickness is the Most Important Factor

As square footage increases, the amount of material required to apply a quality bedliner increases exponentially based on the required thickness.

The coverage formula for needed bedliner material:

What is a mil? – A mil is 1/1000th of an inch. In order to create a baseline for figuring coverage we use 1 mil as a unit of measure. Any gallon of liquid material spread at one mil covers 1604 sq ft.
How do we know how thick the area needs to be? – This varies for different applications based on expected durability. Bedliners need to be 100 mils in heavy impact and usage areas. In vertical areas and towards the back of the bedliner the required thickness is much less, between 10-35 mils. So, over the entire bed you need an average of 50-60 mils in height. With this requirement 1 gallon cannot cover properly. You must have 2 or more gallons of spray bedliner material.

Other DIY kits are Not Enough

Spray-Lining offers 2.3 gallons of spray bedliner in a 1 kit bedliner. This is superior to most DIY Bedliners like Herculiner, Al’s Liner and Duplicolor who provide less than 2 gallons of material. Our DIY Bedliner Kits or Compare DIY Bedliners

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