Spray-Lining 2-Car Garage Floor Epoxy Paint System and Coatings

$310.95 + FREE Shipping & Handling

Kit Includes

  • Material to cover a 2-CAR GARAGE (450 Sq Ft)
  • Coating Spray Gun AND Aluminum Framed Yoke-18” Professional Roller, Mixing Tools & Containers
  • Choice of colors, clear & color chips
  • Simple Directions to apply, vary texture, Technical Data Sheet

What Sets Us Apart

We simplify applications with Constant Quality Control
More product per dollar than anyone else

Easy Application and Endless Finishes

Spray-Lining™ Floor Coatings are designed for applying fast, easily and correctly.
Keeps floors drop-dead gorgeous; any color with or without color chips.
Each Flooring Kit: Create textures soft, medium, hard or slip-proof finish. Call for crystal clear top-coat, specific profile or specialized combinations.
Prevents all rot, rust, corrosion, UV damage, at -44ºF to 158 ºF temperature range. Dries rapidly, cures to thick liquid-proof seal.

We cover service issues at no expense to applicator. This top-grade support is out of the league of all competition

Our Coatings Give you Endless Combinations

  • Anti-Stick or Slip Proof
  • Any color possible - Crystal Clear™ Gloss available to lock down color chips
  • ASTM Industrial grade - automotive, marine, aviation, military, agricultural, high-end residential uses
Other Professional-Spec Grades also available:
  • toy-hauler interiors
  • trailer / motor home roofing
  • customized truck beds to dump-truck boxes
  • shoots, hoppers, plow disks, shovels/shears
  • functional pools, pool safety decks
  • pond systems, tennis & sports courts

Spray-able product = total 675 sq ft.

Color choices!

spray-lining color chart Standard color is gray.
Any other custom color choice is available for an additional $31.50 per car-garage.
Please send us an email or call ()-545-4900 to request a custom color or for color choice information. Contact us today with any questions or to learn more about Spray-Lining business opportunities and dealerships.  info4@spray-lining.com

$310.95 + FREE Shipping & Handling

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