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When It Comes Spray-Lining-and-Coatings-logo3ato Protective Coatings: We Are Spray-Lining and Coatings!

Spray-Lining and Coatings values our dealers and is always seeking ways to help you succeed. We are dedicated to providing not only the best product for your business, but world-class service and support as well.

This site and the pages within are focused on our dealers and providing useful tools and advice for the spray lining industry. Additional articles of interest will be added as they are suggested from our folks in the field.

This site is an evolving effort to provide only the best in support which is something we have become known for. Changes are coming, so check back soon for more helpful information.

Please take the opportunity to get in touch with your account representative to learn more about how we can help you.

Have something to contribute? … Please take the opportunity to comment on the articles here or get in touch with us to share your experience regarding anything spray lining related.


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  1. Hello,

    According to your calculator the total surface area of my pond would be 3208.80 it is 60’x 40’x 8′ I would like an idea of the cost to spray line it with your product please.

  2. I’ve used 2 Spray Lining & Coatings Dealers: In Corning, Ca Kens Flexible Armor did olive brine tanks that were leaking contracted for Lucero with Olive City Agriculture & Nature Center. Kens used polyurea to rebuild the tanks. In NYC I used Pyateam who did Anti-Stick lining on dump truck beds. Actually the dump beds were same light gray as the olive tanks because both were “slippery” or Anti-Stick polyurea jobs. Jobs were great. I am in metallurgical & materials engineering many years – I’d recommend any certified SL&C dealer.

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