Estimate Surface Area For Round Shaped Ponds & Pools

Use our Spray Lining and Coatings Area Calculators to quickly determine the proper coverage for your round koi pond or pool. This tool will help determine coverage needs for circular shaped ponds and pools.

Simply enter the total measurement for total width as indicated, the minimum depth, and the maximum depth.

NOTE: This surface estimator is for round ponds and pools (absolutely circular, not oval). Ponds which are not uniform in shape (longer in one direction than the other) are best calculated using our Oval Pool or Pond Estimator.

Average Depth: (Feet)

Lower Surface Area: (Sq Ft)

Wall Surface Area: (Sq Ft)

Total Pond or Pool Surface: (Sq Ft)


Estimate Surface Area For Round Shaped Ponds & Pools — 2 Comments

  1. Got Seal Tite for my fish Pond using this calculator. It was accurate & SealTite worked great. but I needed more for over the top circumference & down side walls.

    • Lenny,
      Thanks for the feedback. Yes… we always recommend adding 10-20% additional to be safe. If you ever have questions, feel free to call us at 1-855-545-4900 so we can advise further. Knowing the square footage is just the starting point to get your project rolling.

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