DIY Garage Floor Kits

Don’t take the easy way out You have to do a topcoat if you are using color chips on your garage floor kit. Any company that sells garage floor kits without advising to use a clear top coat is taking … Continue reading

Your Koi Pond – 5 Great Design Ideas

Koi Pond Design What a great idea. A pond in the backyard with fauna and viewing areas built in. It’s a great way to turn your land into a rewarding peaceful place to get some personal time and think. Just … Continue reading

What is MDI – Is it Safe?

What is MDI? MDI is the acronym representing methyl diphenyl diisocyantate. There are three main versions of this compound: 2,2′-MDI 2,4′-MDI 4,4′-MDI The 4,4′ isomer is most widely used. Who makes MDI Bayer followed closely by Yantai Wanhua. Other major … Continue reading

Competing DIY Spray Guns: Low Quality

DIY Products come with Low Quality Spray Guns Rollers identify low quality product from the start- they equate to a 1 part (1 part vs 2 parts or plural component) there is no texture control so those products have little … Continue reading

Killing Yourself Slowly

The polyurea and polyurethane coating industries have become increasingly important as the functional applications have increased. The following uses have been identified and highly employ protective coatings: – Theme parks – Playground – Boats – truck bed liners – agricultural … Continue reading

VOCs Versus Isocyanates

What are VOCs Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at ordinary, room-temperature conditions. They have a low boiling point which yields a high vapor pressure. Because of this a large volume of molecules … Continue reading

What is Polyurea

Two-part polyurea spray elastomers were brought to market in the 1990s after being invented by Bayer in Germany–the aspirin company. They are useful coatings for large surface area projects because of their fast reactivity and relative insensitivity to moisture. They … Continue reading