Dealer Competition Page

Why S-L & C Dealership websites are built with a, “Competition Page”:


Because in our lining business, best deals are TSL, Thicker and Stronger for Less  DEALER COST COMPARISON .

On Competition Page of Spray-Lining & Coatings Dealers we list only known or competitive companies relevant to that dealer’s specific clientele.

This displays our dealer’s confidence, not only in lower pricing but in higher quality. In short, correct prep for best adhesion, over 5,000 psi tensile strength for higher strength, the rest is “THICKER”.


Thicker simply means more polyurea is applied, that’s that. Our dealers can apply more simply because they are not paying to use S-L & C’s name. Many do but by listing competition, the buying public

gets direct connection from us to compare brand names (or established, reputable applicator’s names) to “YOUR” company and your name. In all cases our dealers pay less per gallon, per pound or per

square foot at any given thickness than any competition.


The only legitimate, reliable, 100% manufacturer backed warranty SEE ALL COMPETING WARRANTEES by S-L & C follows similar logic. See  Our SL Family of Coatings, Polyureas and Hybrids and

SPECS ON COMP VS S-L & C this is TSL.  Spray-Lining & Coatings lists competing, “vendor” brands with actual history;

Any close comparison will reveal:

  1. S-L & C sells same or higher spec polyurea, in all colors for less than half the price of any vendor,
  2. S-L & C dealers can opt to distribute highest grade DIY kits to local shops or skilled applicators. These clients won’t justify paying our Dealer Grade application service,
    1. This form of “able” clientele is unavailable thru any other polyurea dealership vendor,
    2. These business clients matter since our dealer applications are still utilized on larger or complex jobs,
  1. S-L & C dealers gather clientele from (us as their vendor) targeting name brands and known applicators within big zones,
  2. Competition between S-L & C dealers is never tolerated, unlike all competing brand vendors. We work, “with” not against each other.
  3. In most zones without an S-L & C dealer, dealers of our competing vendors may jump ship to us. However our dealer may apply only our product to jobs we brought them.


Below would be the normal list for this dealer, welcoming their prospective clients to contact competing local players. For an example, see: Rhino Line-X Alternative of Corpus Christi Competition Page.

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