Spray On Poly Pond Lining

The Best Liner For Ponds

  • No Scratches and tears from large decorative items
  • No Costly shipping expenses
  • No Hard to deal with seams
  • Form Fitting for superior finish
  • Seamless installation means no leaks later on
  • Easily repairable even under water
  • Any volume, dimension is easy to handle

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David Greene of Greene Plumbing & Heating Inc. used our Professional DIY Pond Lining for this large residential job. The results were outstanding. Read the Testimonial

Spray Pond Liner - Koi ponds

Fish, plant and environmentally safe pond coatings for koi ponds, waterscapes (with waterfalls, streams, etc). Our high end SOFT non-toxic coating is completely VOC and isocyanate free so you can rest assured there will be no hazard to life you are introducing to your water scape project.

Spray-Lining pond systems are designed to be a one-time application with little or no maintenance. Compared to seamed drop in pond liners from firestone or other manufacturers, our lining system is superior.

Don't Mess up Your Beautiful Scape with a liner

If your pond is in place with ground scaping around it, don't change a thing. With Spray-Lining Koi Pond Coatings you can keep everything exactly the way it is.

Just spray it and preserve it.

    Superior Behavior
  • Safe for food contact, koi fish, water containment, USDA approved.
  • Alternative formulas are available for unique applications and/or cost requirements.
  • Available in slip proof texture, high, medium, and low profile to smooth finish.
  • Any mil thickness can be applied within one application.
    Seamless, no folds, leak proofing durable for animals, heavy moving rocks, etc.
  • Extremely flexible and abrasion resistant.
  • No VOC's (volatile organic compounds).
  • Poly alternatives with no isocyanates.
  • Different formulas available for virtually any application or need.

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We are experts in applying all polyureas, polyurethanes and epoxies. With over 30 years of experience we can help you get any job done. Also, unlike distributors and other large organizations we go above and beyond to support your installation.

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We treat every job with a high level of attention Because:
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Polyurea is a popular but very expensive coating for ponds and aquatic life containment.

Our Flexible Poly Hybrid is a lower priced solution that yields excellent results. Unsurpassed puncture resistance and long life span makes this an ideal material for the small or large DIY coating job. There are a number of coatings for specialized applications not detailed here.
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