DIY Spray Liner and Coating Kit

for Professionals

Designed for experienced professionals in auto, aero, marine grade paints with fair degree of technical applications knowledge. NOT available on a wholesale basis through any other manufacturer or distributor.
Support & Credibility that your business requires

Who is it for?

  • Certified body shop professionals
  • Certified paint/coating professionals
  • Experienced professional craftsmen
  • Commercial industrial builders
  • Technical Materials applicators
  • Hands on engineers

FACT: Most successful & profitable Spray-Lining™ applications are by experienced business professionals

This System Accomplishes Real Work

If you're in a business involving coatings-like materials, not limited to Auto, Marine & Aircraft-Grade Paint; Spray on Bedliner; Industrial or Decorative Coating Formulas, the DIY Spray Liner and Coating Kit provides proof of that Quality, Technical Support & Credibility that a business requires.
Here's why:

  • Liquid Parts: A-Clear, A-Color, A-Color-Flex, B & B-Flex : All Combine, Controlling Soft to Hard + Powders
  • Powder Parts: Poly-Flux Micro-Fine, Medium, Course All Combine Controlling Smooth to Rough + Liquids

DIY Spray Liner Product Details

General Description

Professional-Grade Equip + Poly-Hybrid Bed Liner formula for 1 to 2 beds 125 sq ft @ 125 mils in Black or Grey

Top-Grade Applicator + Epoxy-Hybrid flooring formula: Shop, Garage or Deck (Grey, 300 sq ft @ 40 mils)

The only Clear Spray-Bra - 50 sq ft @ 18-24 mils with HVHP gun

Prep Items

Prep solve - 3 gallons (prep/priming/eliminates scuffing/)
mix-cups, mixers, poly-tarp

One Formula - Variable Applications

This Kit Includes

Formula ->

cost = $340 | value = $460

  • Resin
  • Activator
  • Polymer Powders

Equipment ->

cost = $190 | value = $300

  • Variable tip hopper spray gun
  • HVHP gun
  • Solid aluminum 18" yoke bracket
  • LP/HP roller bushing attachment

Accessories ->

cost = $66 | value = $110

  • All necessary mixing containers
  • Prep Solve
  • Helix style bit mixer
  • Poly-masking tarp

YOUR COST IS ONLY $596 | Total Value = $870

In truck bed liners and industrial coatings we have found that a high percentage of our DIY customers are actually skilled applicators in businesses relevant to the spray on truck bed liner industry.