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North Ontario Coatings

North East/Eastern Canada SL&C District

Serving all of North Ontario including Peterborough, Barrie, Haliburton, Eagle Lake, Harburn, Sudbury, Sault Saint Marie, Pembroke, Kanata, Algonquin, Provincial Park, Ottawa and neighboring regions. The ultimate polyurea lining alternative to any Line-X or RhinoLining formula including all name brands.


SOS Coatings

Applying national brands duplicated. All Line-X products, Rhino Linings, SPI, Toff, Reflex, Vortex, etc.labels and brands are simply expensive. Because generic polyurea is less money, SOS applies it thicker.

Serving Lambton, London, Sarnia


National Lining and Coatings

South East Canada SL&C District

Serving all of Quebec and New Brunswick. Multiple locations serving Ottowa, Montreal, New Brunswick. Non-branded polyurea is stronger and thicker than any/all titles or names.


United States


Zone 1 Northeastern


Vermont Coatings

Truck beds, Jeeps, trailers, boats and certified polyurea coating jobs at Kilington Mtn, Stratlen Mtn, Pico, Mount Snow, Stowe Mtn, and Jay Peak. Specializing in ski and snowboard facilities in the North East USA.

Serving St. Albans, Georgia, Highgate and Burlington


Hamptons ICF and Coatings

Specializing in Koi ponds, cascades, and all waterscapes coating solutions. Providing polyurea coating products for tanks.

Serving the Hamptons of Long Island and surrounding areas of New York


Rhino & Line-X Alternatives of Northeastern PA

Truck bedliners, trailers, and farm equipment protection selling pure polyurea products.

Serving All The Scranton and Northeastern Pennsylvania Area


Timz Diesel Lining and Coating Services

Applying only top grade, high spec polyurea and poly hybrid with Graco Spray Lining and Coatings equipment. SL&C Coatings meets and beats any polyurea brand.

Serving All the Southwest Pennsylvania Area


Professional Coating Services

Polyurea made by SL&C. Focused on marine applications, boats, yachts, marine parts, docks, piers and pilings.

Serving Maryland, including Huntington, Annapolis, Tracy's Landing, Prince Frederick


CJ's Kustom Bedliners

Polyurea undercoatins, strongest SL&C coatings for anti-stick applications. Specializing in boat coatings and marine polyurea linings.

Serving all of New York: Williamsport, Syracuse, Odessa, Seneca Falls, Auburn, Waterloo, Finger Lakes


Great Lakes Lining and Coating Services

Applying only certified SL&C polyurea. DIY kits available. Distribution to auto/truck body shops, customizers, fabricators, and businesses that just need a good deal on polyurea.

Eric Wadsworth, Owner, Serves all of Pennsylvania including Cranesville, Erie, and Pittsburgh. His team also serves Cleveland, Akron, and Youngstown Ohio, Syracuse Rochester, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, New York, and all of South East Ontario.



No line-X dealer or any brand name in or near NYC competes with SL&C polyurea from Pya Team. We are fasted using lowest priced polyurea on bedliners and Koi ponds.

Serving New York City including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, New York State, and many other locations in the North Eastern United States.


Zone 2 Northwestern


Marks Garage

Truck beds and trailers for Idaho area residents. Polyurea available for sale to the masses. DIY kits of actual polyurea.

Serving All the Southeastern area of Idaho


Montana Coatings

The lower cost solution to Rhino Linings, Tuff Grip, and Hardline. DIY kits with any cartridge system, andy hopper gun, or simlified polyurethane to roll on.

Serving Great Falls, Dutton, Conrad, Helena


Zone 3 North Central


Third Coast Spray Lining and Coating

Previous Line-X professional dealership jumped ship to SL&C. Now twice the polyurea for much lower prices. DIY kits available.

Serving Manistee And All The Northwest Michigan Area


Aeonx Lining And Coatings

Advanced coatings for trucks, equipment and specialized purposes. Bedliner superior to Rhino Linings, HardLine, Line-X, Body Armor and duplicated all polyurea from SPI.

Serving Indianapolis and the Entire Central Indiana Area


Superior Spray Liners And Coatings

Superior to Rhino Linings, HardLine, Line-X, Body Armor and duplicated all polyurea from SPI.

Serving All the Northeast and Northcentral Ohio Area


Zone 4 Southeastern


Panhandle Spray Lining and Coating

Partnership of Armorthane and Reflex bedliners using SL&C for non-truck bedliner type jobs. Flooring epoxy, polyurea, polyurethane, tank coatings.

Serving All Of the Florida Panhandle including Mobile Alabama, Pensacola and Panama City Florida


JE Spray Lining

Previous Line-X bedliner applicator, now 100% SL&C polyurea fully certified applicators. All polyurea or hybrids sold; matched to beat the brands.

Serving West Virginia Including Charleston, Lewisburg, Weston and Clarksburg


Kentucky Coating Solutions

Your North Kentucky and South Ohio polyurea solution.

Serving All of Kentucky - Florence and Cincinnati.


Carter Lining and Coating Services

Large and small bedliner joby, exact specs as Line-X Standard and Paxcon.

Serving All the Central Savannah River Area in Georgia and South Carolina


Car Care Pros Lining and Coating

Providing Georgia truck owners with the thickest, strongest and longest lasting truck bedliner materials available. Do it yourself polyurea packages available with loaner spray equipment.

Serving All the Central Eastern Georgia CSRA Area


Zone 5 Southwestern


Coastal Coatings

Specializing in polyurethanes and polyurea for all marine applications, boats, yachts, hulls, docks, and trailers.

Serving All the Corpus Christi area of Texas


Doctor Line a Bed

Doctor Line a Bed is your Southwest Arizona Solar Panel & Truck Bedliner Expert. Providing total polyurea protection for Jeeps, trailers, boats and truck beds. Currently focused on polyurea specialized to the solar energy industry solar panel frame protection.

Serving All the Phoenix, Yuma and Southwest Arizona Areas


Ogden Lining and Coatings

Polyurea for average people. Lower prices and true unconditional lifetime warranty, manufacturer backed 100%.

Serving Ogden Utah and all areas North of Salt Lake City


Professional Bed Liners

Marty Goodwin, certified SL&C applications that beat Reflex by Langeman, SPI, Vortex, Toff and Arma Coatings. Available packages to the public! Specializing in farm equipment.

Serving Wyoming and Utah.Including Evanston, Ogden, Rock Springs and Salt Lake City


Fresh Rides Bed Liners

Certified SL&C applications that beat Reflex, SPI, Vortex, Toff and Arma Coatings. Available packages to the public! Specializing in Off-Road and Serious Truck Enthusiasts.

Serving all Colorado areas including Evans, Loveland, Greeley, and Eaton


Rhino Line-X Alternative

Partnership from previous Rhino Linings, Line-X. Got smart with superior SL&C polyurea. Selling small to medium polyurea bedliner packages to any consumer or business.

Serving Corpus Christi and surrounding areas, including Corpus Christi, Alice, Beeville and Mathis


Most Qualified Dealers

TJ's Bedliners

After comparing to bedliner polyurea, straight, basic SL&C polyurea was the best. TJ''s applies only Spray Lining and Coatings products.

Serving Waupun, Alto, Fond du Lac, Ripon, Green Lake and Mayville Wisconsin


Z Lining and Coating Service

Aircrafts, parts and specializing in aircraft hangar flooring epoxy and polyurea products sold in DIY kits.

Serving all of Oklahoma City.


Spray-Lining Hawaii

The only Hawaiian DIY alternative available to local businesses. SL&C polyurea is stronger and priced lower than Armadillo Liner or Line-X.

Serving the beautiful islands of Hawaii.


Spray Coatings Texas

Specializing in polyurea for oil tank platforms only. Using SL&C backpack polyurea system and Graco Equipment. Applications and distribution of all coatings.

Serving Texas including Luffkin, Carthage, Henderson, Mansfield and Tyler


Custom Lining and Coating

Kansas City's premier polyurea applicator using only authentic SL&C polyurea hybrids.

Equipment rentals and more! Graco, PMC, cartridges, all hopper systems, high/low pressure, etc. systems new and used.


New Mexico Spray-Lining

Also distributor of best DIY bedliner polyurea in small kits. No name brand competes with us.

We proudly serve all of New Mexico including Jemez Springs, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, anywhere North of Route I-40.


Potters Lining and Coating Services

Koi ponds, waterscapes, fountains, cascades specialists of pure SL&C polyurea. DIY polyurea deals sold and shipped.

Serving Carrollton , Kansas City, Leavenworth , Gladstone , Norborne, De'Witt, Miami , Waverly, Grand Pass , Bogard, and more!


North Minnesota Spray Lining

Farm equipment, tractors, dairy barns, slip proof floors, ramps grain bins, hoppers coated with SL&C specialty coatings. DIY packages sold for dairy barn flooring, ramps, alleyways, hog confinement, manure pit coatings.

Extending services to Wisconsin La Crosse, Onalaska, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Dubuque Iowa, St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota


Fox Bros Spray-Lining

Providing the only logical alternative to Rino Linings and Line-X with SL&C coatings. Polyurea available for farm equipment, dairy, hog, poultry, horse breeders, flooring, tanks and trailers.

Based in Kirksville, Missouri; serving all surrounding areas.


Garden State Industrial Coatings

New Jersey's best applicators of polyurea and polyurethane coatings by SL&C, Large DIY packaged for large jobs.

Professional, quality spray on protective coatings in central and south New Jersey.


OBS Ohio Spray-Lining

Truck beds, boats, full Jeep bodies, large trailers sprayed with SL&C polyurea products. DIY available in large and small kits.

Serving southwestern Ohio and northeastern West Virginia.


Northwest Coating and Lining Service

Ferry decks, ship hulls, dock and pier platforms and full fishing vessels sprayed with pure polyurea by SL&C. Selling large and small DIY packages fro truck beds, ponds, roofing, and specialty flooring jobs.

Located near Seattle, WA and service the area around and including the Greater Seattle area.


Missouri Spray-Lining

Beating price and thickness of any and all bedliners. Agricultural Rhino, Line-X solution: DIY.

Located in Versailles, Missouri, Missouri Spray-Lining handles coating applications of all types for the state of Missouri.


Spray Bedliner Dealerships

Spray Lining and Coatings has opportunities still available in some areas. We provide more polyurea material at less cost. Covering USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Japan , and parts of Asia.

Compared to other dealerships like Rhino Linings, Line-X, Scorpion Coatings, Vortex, Reflex, and Xtreme Liner, we give you:

  • Lowest Start Up Costs, Loaner Equipment for 1st 2 Years, On-site Training Included.
  • Same and Better Grade Materials Than Any Polyurea Brand
  • Spray Lining and Coatings Provides the Only Reliable Technical Support Available







Spray Lining & Coatings application support consists of actual applicators, contractors, and SL&C certified dealerships to help, train, and support your coating application. You will know quickly that you are communicating with actual professionals with real field experience.

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