Line-X Bed Liner Review

LINE-X: The Only Option for Spray-on Truck Bed Liners? It's a tough economy out there, but you still have to haul things around in your truck and you want to protect your bed. You know you'd rather have a spray-on liner than a drop in, but you don't know if you can afford a big name brand, so what do you do?

Line-x - the Only Name?

LINE-X is a big name when it comes to spray on lining, but is it the only name? One place to find out is a truck forum, where consumers post their experiences, recommendations, or advice.

Line-x Review Quality

On the Nissan Titan forum, an argument started when a truck owner touted the work of a Bullet Liner dealership in Southern California. It didnt really start a forum war, but neither was it a gentlemenan's discussion.

In all fairness, most truck forum posters give LINE-X rave reviews. So could it be that they weren't ready for an alternative way of looking at things? Trying to save a buck can make you see the world through a different pair of glasses!

On the Titan forum, it started innocently enough with a post made by LongTravel
I came across this company called Bullet Liner. Come to find out Bullet Liner was started by the same people who started Line-X and in looking at the finished product vs. price, Bullet has my vote! This stuff is awesome!?

Long Travel banters with other bloggers, but especially with a guy named Titangasm, who states that
has a better product, and yes, its more costly, but the extra money is worth it. LINE-X gives the better protection, especially against fading. But LINE-X may not be something that is affordable to everyone. I think Bullet will protect my truck just fine and when I'm in the market for a sophisticated over priced bed liner, I'll be sure to call Line-X,?

To read the entire discussion about LINE-X vs. Bullet, go to: Titan Parts Accessories Forum

Line-x Quality Based on Applicator

It seems though that not every consumer believes that LINE-X is superior, or maybe its just the way the dealer applied the product, as shown in a YouTube video, called, Crappy Line-X spray on bed liner Linex of Lincoln Nebraska. Line-x YouTube Video On, a consumer who goes by the name tdoc from Muskegon, MI, posts that he was so unhappy with his LINE-X spray on bedliner, that he switched to Dual Liner. LINE-X peeled, faded, and ruined the resale value of his truck, according to tdoc. To read his entire review, go to

tdoc Line-x Review

However, Saul Vargas of Lowrider Magazine, gives LINE-X an enthusiastic thumbs up in a review in its Feb. 2009 edition. Vargas states that LINE-X makes your truck bed more weatherproof, water tight, and durable. Not only that, it dampens noise, vibrations, and stops cargo from shifting. To read the full review, go to: Lowrider Bedliner Review

When Jamey Wozniaks truck was almost totaled, her truck bed needed to be replaced, and she wasnt happy that her new bed would be spray lined with the same product that had originally been applied. Five years ago, Wozniak bought Joes Hitch, Trailer, and Truck Accessories, of Dallas, Texas. She recognized that the previous owner had developed a good relationship with LINE-X, and she continued to maintain that relationship. She also decided to personally replace her previous bed liner with a LINE-X one.
I prefer LINE-X, which is why I continue to use them. They always answer the phone, they always come here, its easy and they offer a good product,
Susan Gardner of LINE-X of Brevard, in Melbourne, Florida, says at one time, she and her husband Kerry (with whom she owns the business) averaged about 50 spray on truck bed liners a month.
    Here are some of their jobs:
    • Spraying LINE-X for a variety of clients, such as Harris Corp, and DRS
    • Spraying generator frames for some of the local municipalities
    • Three trailers that haul rocket engines for Pratt and Whitney
    • Mobile services, such as the floors at the K-9 kennels at Patrick Air Force Base
Gardner said that when she and her husband Kerry found out the previous owners were selling their LINE-X business, she and her husband jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Susan Gardner Added
We knew it was a great product and we were anxious to get involved.

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