Speedliner Review

Inerview with Paul Manley

Speedliner is a well-known name among many in the spray on truck bed liner industry.

Paul Manley, owner of Precision Tint in Galveston, Texas, has been spray lining truck beds with Speedliner for the past 13 years and averages three to four truck beds per day. But he doesn't just spray truck beds. During deer hunting season, he sprays jeeps, hunting buggies, and hunting racks, to name a few.

Anything that's metal can be sprayed, added Manley. "We sprayed flatbed trucks for United Plant services in Deer Park. They wanted us to spray the rails on the side of the bed, the spare tire, the back bumper."

Why Manley Switched to Speedliner

When Manley first started in the business, he used TOFF Liner, but he soon switched to Speedliner, which is manufactured by Industrial Polymers of Houston, Texas. I wanted more [tensile] psi, more strength, and one that wouldn't fade, he said.

Manley assures his customers that Speedliner is the only spray on liner guaranteed not to fade.

All the liners out there have solvents that have to be released, but the ones that solidify quickly, the solvents get trapped in the liner, which pulls the pigment out of it. "That's why customers say it fades", adds Manley.

In the interview Manley stated:
"We do a top coat on the liner, like putting a glaze on a ham. There are variety of colors, oranges, reds, yellows, grays, pretty much any of the dark colors. If someone wants a special color and it's not on our chart, I call a paint supplier, and use a virgin pigment, to make it more custom to the truck. A lot of the spray liners just use black. the tensile strength of Speedliner is 4700 psi. Our competitors, depending on what applications they use, they'll either range from 1900 to 2900 psi, where ours is 4700. Our liner is twice as strong as any other liner out there."

Other Speedliner Comments

On the fordtrucks.com forum, truck owners who posted comments about Speedliner praised its tensile strength and durability.

Take a sample of Speedliner and and bend [it] repeatedly. Speedliner will outlast your fingers and will not break or crack. I once bet an individual a six pack of beer that he could not tear or pull apart a sample of Speedliner. After 15 minutes he gave up and I enjoyed my beer, posted Billyclub. You can sit there and bend or fold Speedliner back and forth till your fingers fall off.
Another member wrote:
The only reason I went with the Speedliner was because of the rating on the tensile strength. Since Speedliner is applied as the same process as painting a vehicle and it incorporates Kevlar into its formula, its tensile strength is very high, to resist tearing, or gouging. --Izzyg

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