Scorpion Bed Liner Review

Known in the Bed Liner Industry

Scorpion is well-known name in the spray bed liner industry. Differing from other leading brands, Scorpion Bed Liners proven formula has a soft, rubbery texture, and is much more pliable than other leading spray bed liners which are harder, tougher, and have more tensile strength. Scorpion Coatings has been featured on Speed Channel's Truck Universe. According to the shows hosts, Scorpion offers 11 different colors and a mirror finish in addition to a grainy option. Scorpion bed liners are said to be UV stable, so there is no color fading. These spray on bed liners are stated as being environmentally friendly, not just for the consumer but for the applicator also. Like other spray and roll-on bed liners, it can be applied to wood, aluminum, and steel, and is a great product for restoration projects!
Scorpion Dealer Price Comparison

Scorpion Bed Liner Dealer Interview

In an interview with Karl M. Stearns of Restyling Magazine, William Edwards of Santa Paula Chevrolet, a Scorpion bed liner dealer since 2005, says that
one of the best features of the Scorpion bedlining product is the fact that we can spray the product outside and without a full body suit. The product has less than 3% isocyanate in it; isocyanate is a very harmful chemical that [some] other manufacturers have as much as 60% isocyanate in the product. This chemical is the reason that the others can't spray without a full body suit with an attached air respirator system. Our product is safe for outside as well as inside spraying.

And, Mark Kessler, of Latrobe Chevrolet in Pennsylvania will only use Scorpion spray on liner to service his customers trucks because it provides a unique non-skid surface, not too hard and not too soft, yet pliable. Kessler states that the body shop at Latrobe Chevy Ford in Pennsylvania sprays about 140 truck bedliner each year with Scorpion bedliner products, and that he's seen truck bedliners that are five years old still holding their brightness, color, and shine. And, Scorpion bed liners aren't just used for truck beds.

In Truck Camper Magazine, Gordon White interviews Jody Bolin, Hallmark's RV Production Manager, about his use of Scorpion Coatings bed liners on the Happijac jacks.
Camper jacks often have problems in the Colorado winter or in salt water environments. For years we've had customers using bed liner on their jacks to better protect them from these extreme environments. When a local bed liner company approached us for business, we asked them to show us what they could do with our camper jacks. We had the company line the jacks in grey so it would be easier to see. The result is a coated jack that can better resist the elements.

Scorpion Bed Liner Texas Dealership Interview

Jim Nicholas, Manager and Owner of Extreme Texas Trailers in Baytown, Texas, a Scorpion dealer for the past 18 months uses Scorpion spray on liner for trailer floors, about 75% of his business.
We put it on nearly anything that's metal or wood. We've built trailers that have a plywood box on the front to house generators and pumps, and we spray Scorpion over the top of that to weatherproof it. We've done truck beds and bumpers, and for ourselves and a few close friends, we've sprayed it on a UTV or ATV bumper, rack, or seat on the back. The pros are that you can use it on about anything you want and the con is that you have to mix each application in smaller amounts because it will harden. It's not something you can take out of two barrels and feed it into a gun.
And, Mary Conod, of Prestige Ford in Mt. Dora, Florida, says their auto body shop has been using Scorpion bedliners for the past three months, and just became a dealer a month ago. So far, they have sprayed four trucks with Scorpion.
[In the past], we've contracted [spray lining jobs] to Rhino and LineX. We personally hadn't done any prior to this, but after checking out all the brands, we decided to do spray lining ourselves. I would say the variety of colors is a plus for our truck buyers, but the thickness of it [Scorpion] feels like more of a commercial grade and that's what we were impressed with the most: the durability.
Even some truck owners that post on forums are satisfied with the quality of Scorpion bedliners too. On the Ford150 Forum, a poster called Effies howie states, It's [Scorpion BedLining] about 1/8" thick, medium texture, midnight green, cost about $400. I was expecting thicker material also. The guy said he did two coats on the bed floor and tailgate, and one coat on the sides. The good thing about Scorpion Coatings is that it has a lifetime warranty. Any repairs are free! On the Silverado Sierra Forum, one poster goes as far as to say he prefers Scorpion Coatings over LineX: Scorpion does not require primer, you spray it right onto the sanded and scuffed paint - Just like LineX. Reason I like Scorpion better IMO is that it flows better then LineX when they spray, so it lays down smooth. Go look at your truck, you'll see LineX is really rough, small beads clumped together. I could see where people would like that better. But it is much harder to clean and stay nice looking.

Issues with Scorpion Bed Liners

However, in response to a question posted on, one former Scorpion spray bedlining dealer does not recommend Scorpion linings in a geographical location where the medium will come in contact with a lot of moisture:
I used to be the scorpion dealer in Anchorage and did it for a year or two. If it is an area that would be constantly exposed to some form of standing water I would not do it. I shot the inside of a few different John boats and was not impressed by the results. Water eventually got underneath the lining and bubbled it up.
However, it must be noted that the quality of any spray liner or spray coating cannot be judged only by its material make-up, look or feel; the quality of the coating may be due to how the surface was prepped, the type of primer that was used, the thickness of that primer, and sometimes even the atmospheric conditions during its application. As with many products, Scorpion Spray Linings has its pros and cons. Depending on your project needs or those of your customers, Scorpion bedliners may or may not be a lining or coating solution for you.